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Plant and Process Engineering

At UCI, we are proficient in tackling the day-to-day engineering challenges faced by every plant and production facility:

  Changes in raw materials/feedstocks

  Increased quality controls and/or end-item specifications

  Automating to reduce cost, increase product consistency, and improve efficiency

  Designing additional systems, controls, etc. to increase throughput and improve investment returns

Implementing continuous improvement and lean manufacturing initiatives

  Equipment replacements/upgrades:

  Identifying equipment wear characteristics and planning preventive maintenance

  Performing equipment failure analysis to address root cause and permanent corrective action

  Specifying coatings or insulation to reduce utility expenses

  Improvement of plant facilities to enhance maintenance operations:

  Designing additional catwalks, hoists, jib booms, platforms, lifts, etc.

  Performing plant energy audits to identify utility cost reduction opportunities

We also provide solutions for complex process engineering needs: 

  Sizing of pumps, pipes, valves, heat exchangers, instrumentation, etc. 

  Implementing process-specific steam generation/condensate return systems, metering pumps, vacuum systems, agitation systems, etc. 

  Designing fans and duct work 

  Specifying materials of construction 

  Developing plans for hazardous chemical storage/use 

  Performing process-specific hazard & safety analysis 

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