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Current Projects

 Cereal Process Technologies' corn fractionation process addition to the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL:

 ●  Process engineering

 ●  Equipment layout & detail design
 ●  3D AutoCAD modeling
 ●  Equipment selection & procurement assistance

 Bleaching System Addition to existing Vegetable Oil Refinery in Caribbean:

 ● Process & instrumentation diagrams (P&ID's)
 ● Detailed process equipment layout & required field measurements of existing facility

 Material Handling & Storage Modifications for aged concrete silo complex at existing corn to ethanol processing plant:

   Preliminary budget development
   Concrete silo hopper retrofit investigation & preliminary design
   Pneumatic & mechanical conveying of products (corn, germ, bran, DDGS)
   Development of project design & bidding documents

New soya lecithin production addition to existing solvent extraction plant:

  Process Engineering   Mechanical design and CAD drawings
  Equipment layout & detail design   Equipment selection and procurement assistance

Recent Projects

Process Safety Management (PSM) at existing solvent extraction plant: 

Program audit & detailed report of findings
Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) revalidation with plant PSM team

Modernization of existing animal feed plant to improve efficiency, improve quality and decrease costs: 

Project budget development
Equipment layout & detail design
Process & mechanical engineering
Contractor selection assistance
Project management & construction oversight

Green-field liquid animal feed plant

  Conceptual design   Plant / facility layout and detail design
  Process engineering   Equipment selection and procurement assistance
  Project budget development   Contract development and negotiation

Plant engineering support for overseas client involving major maintenance upgrade of existing soybean solvent extraction plant: 

  Process engineering & optimization   Mechanical design and CAD drawings
  Project development   Equipment selection and procurement
  Equipment layout & detail design  

Sludge dewatering retrofit project for a 14MGD Midwest water treatment plant:

  Technology research
  Conceptual design including 3D renderings
  Plant layout and detailed process and mechanical design
  Equipment selection and procurement assistance
  Construction inspection
  Facility start-up and commissioning

 Food ingredient plant expansion:

  Process utilities detailed design   Control room HVAC
  Steam and condensate   Detailed process equipment layout
  Cooling tower and cooling water   Construction inspection
  Process sewer  

 Green-field 1500tpd oilseed solvent extraction plant:

  Technology research
  Conceptual design
  Process engineering & optimization
  Plant layout and detailed process & mechanical design
  Construction inspection
  Process hazard analysis
  Facility start-up and commissioning

 Feedstock addition to existing animal feed ingredient plant to reduce costs:

  Feasibility study   Plant layout and detail design
  Conceptual design   Instrumentation and controls
  Project cost analysis   Equipment selection and procurement assistance
  Process engineering & optimization   Construction inspection
  Project development   Facility start-up and commissioning

 Cereal Process Technologies (CPT) / Renew Energy Corn Fractionation Plants for retrofit and green-field ethanol plants from 40MMgpd to 130MMgpd:

  Conceptual design   Facility start-up and commissioning
  Project cost analysis   Project management
  Process engineering & optimization   Construction inspection

  Plant layout and detailed process & mechanical design

  Equipment selection & procurement assistance
  Instrumentation and controls

 Tank farm designs for 30 & 60MMgpy biodiesel production facilities:

  Conceptual design   Process engineering
  Project cost analysis   Facility layout

 Full-fat edible soy production facility:

 ● Feasibility study

Previous accomplishments by key UCI Personnel

 1500mtpd soybean processing plant in Alexandria, Egypt. Design of grain receiving, grain storage, material handling, feedstock preparation, meal finishing, and production loadout and bagging:

  Process engineering & optimization   Instrumentation and controls
  Project development   Equipment selection & procurement
  Plant layout and detail design   Design implimentation
  Mechanical design and CAD drawings

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