Specific Services

Utilizing the latest advancements in technology & software, we are able to offer the following services:

  • Site Selection
  • Conceptual Design & Design Development
  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Relief System Design & Sizing
  • Facility Audits & Process Evaluations
  • RFS 2 & QAP Engineering Visits
  • Process Safety Management
    • Process Hazard Analysis
    • Dust Hazard Analysis
    • PSM Program Audits
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Design Code Review

Front-End Loading (FEL)
UCI frequently plays a role in this 3-stage approach to projects, using our experience to build personalized, high-value cost estimates that not only make it past Project Authorization, but maintain accuracy at the project end.

Initial Design (Phase One)

  • Series of Studies to determine project viability
  • Flow Diagrams and Project Parameters, developed order of magnitude costs

Basic Design (Phase Two)

  • Best options from Phase One are Further Developed
  • Increased Detail on Existing Documents & Generation of new Documents;
    • PFDs
    • P&IDs
    • Project Schedule
    • Detailed Cost Analysis
    • Preliminary 3D Model
    • Review Economic Viability

Detailed Design (Phase Three)

  • Specific Equipment, Piping, Milling, Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil, Environmental and Structural Requirements are Determined.
  • Further increased detail on existing documents and generation of new documents;
    • Piping Isometrics
    • Plans & Sections from Finalized 3D Model
    • Bill of Materials for Process Piping
    • Continual review of Project Economic Viability

Autocad Plant 3D Modeling

Generating a three dimensional model of your project will allow for a higher level of precision when planning and developing engineering and construction documents.

  • Accurate Measurements
  • Ideal Placement of Equipment, Chutes & Piping
  • Pre-engineered Fabrication Documents
  • Clash Detection - Using Navisworks, we are able to detect interferences between various discipline models

Piping Isometrics
After the development of a detailed 3D model, UCI can generate isometric piping drawings with detailed Bill of Materials (BOM). Piping stress analysis from piping model can be developed.

Point-Cloud 3D Scanning & Processing
UCI has the ability to arrive at a facility, scan equipment, building and piping as needed to collect enough data to generate a point cloud scan and process this into useful tangible data, which can be developed into 3D Autocad Model.


Point Cloud Equipment Scan


Model — Scan Overlay


Finished 3D Generated Model